Gardening Workshops

Veggie Gardening Basics

A five part series of workshop sessions taking you from soil to harvest! Learn how to grow your own healthy and delicious vegetables, herbs, and edible flowers while creating beauty and benefiting pollinators.

Session 1: Soil, Seeds, and Set-up    

Session 2: Companion planting & Designing for Pollinators   

Session 3: Growing Herbs and Edible flowers                                                

  • Garden with beauty and flavour! 
  • Learn about incorporating herbs and edible flowers in your veggie garden.  
  • Go home with lots of info and an herb plant.

Session 4:  Preparing for your Winter Garden and Seed Saving          

  • Planning for Winter when Summer has just begun!  
  • Preparation and timing to ensuring a winter garden
  • Go home with lots of info and a surprise.

Session 5: Harvest party!                                                                          

  • Share your bounty, stories of success, questions and learning.
  • Enjoy some Stewart Creek Food Forest herbal tea and tasty harvest pickles or relish.
  • Go home with some saved seeds and satisfaction in your great gardening adventure!

Workshops will be small group sessions held outdoors at Stewart Creek Food Forest.  Directions provided upon registration.

Sign up form available when the workshops are scheduled. 

If interested, please email