Making Winter Tonic Workshop

I love making Winter Tonic!  I so enjoy wildcrafting in late Autumn and through the Winter, when other plants are taking their winter rest.  The Evergreen Conifer trees offer their fragrant needles and Hawthorn berries are bright beacons as the days grow shorter.

Making Winter tonic and sharing it with friends and family is an annual tradition at my house. 

                      It’s great to warm you through the chilly months of Winter. 

It has lots of nutrients and phytonutrients; with anti-oxidant and antimicrobial properties.

                      And it tastes great!

This will be a Pre-recorded Video Workshop. 

When you register you'll receive an email with detailed information about ingredients and wildcrafting, plus the link to the YouTube video (not publically available).

Register in the form below. 

You will be obtaining ingredients yourself.  

  • Learn how to safely and respectfully wildcraft
  • Discover what to gather and how to prepare Winter Tonic
  • Learn about its benefits
  • Make at home in your own kitchen
  • Watch the video at your own pace and retain access to the video
  • Enjoy the tonic through the winter months and create more as you need it
  • Delight your friends and family with this unusual gift

Join Meg Jordan of Restore Earth Connections for this informative and delightful workshop.

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